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  • Facts
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    Considering the current allocation of ODA (Overseas Develpment Assistance) around the world, we believe that it is possible to conceive precise and timely interventions where our work directly benefits our target populations: low-income, out-of-town communities, or communities living in townships and small cities within a rural environment.

    WTA intervenes on surveys and management missions in the fields of water supply, sewerage, drainage (black, grey and rain water), sanitation, sludge management, irrigation and flood management.  WTA also intervenes through support and assistance missions to donors, local authorities, international inter-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations.

    Over the years, WTA experts have developed very strong competencies in WASH emergency context interventions and coordination worldwide, including in geopolitically unstable regions and countries affected by natural disasters.

    WTA headquarters are located in the province of Savannakhet, in the Lao PDR.  We also have a representation office in Vientiane.