• About WTA
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    WTA is a Lao-registered consulting firm, specialized in the fields of water and environmental engineering.

    The WTA team is diverse in nationality and in specialization, and this allows the firm to handle various technical and contextual aspects.

    WTA has developed strong expertise in high performance Green Project design, fund raising, business planning and operational management in the fields of water and waste water (including sludge) treatment facilities.

    WTA started-off as an association.  It has now grown into a full-blown engineering office. Has this changed anything to our willingness to assist communities in-need ?

    Of course not.

    WTA continues to be involved in projects and operations of which the goals are to increase the availability of potable water, to improve sanitary conditions for a better quality of life, to protect public health, and to enhance flood control in order to reduce risks for people and goods.

  • Expertise
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    What we can do
    - Rapid evaluations, particularly adapted to humanitarian contexts
    - Technical feasibility studies, including masterplans, water resource assessment, design, and cost estimations
    - Execution documents, including plans, technical specifications, bills of quantities, etc.
    - Project management, including tendering procedure assistance and implementation monitoring

     Intervention fields
    - Water supply
    - Sanitation
    - Flood management
    - Rural roads and bridges
    - Civil engineering
    - Rural, semi-urban and urban
    - Post emergency, rehabilitation and development

    - Social and economic surveys
    - GIS mapping
    - Measurements, open channeled and pressured systems
    - Well and ground water pumping test
    - Topography
    - Modelling (water supply, rain water, effluents, flooding)
    - Concrete and structural calculations
    - Drawing and quantity survey



  • Rates

    Let’s just say that they are far from being what is considered to be the standard in our trade.  This is one way for us to make our services available to everyone, especially humanitarian and development operators whose operating budgets are often unbalanced by standard consulting fees.

  • Our Philosophy

    We pay special attention to the human, social and economic integration of the projects we develop. Based on the individual experience of each one of us, and the collective professional experience with WTA, we firmly believe that the only way to make the leap forward towards real and tangible sustainability is to put human beings back at the only place that allows them to become an actor of positive change: the center.