• Partners
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    Dr Onuhen, Head of Health Services, Muang Phine district, Savannakhet
    Full of 
    enthusiasm, Dr Onuhen has plenty of  rapport with his fellow Lao citizens. Thanks to his  in-depth knowledge of the country's culture and people, we were able to achieve this upstream study (what study???), after three years. 

    Francois-Xavier de Perthuis, Technical Specialist
    Francois played an instrumental role in 
    setting up a socio-economic survey and technical study for WTA in Xethamuak. He is currently working on his Thesis at EHESS Paris (what is full name) and is involved in consultancies in Niger, Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. 

    Gregory Fagerlund, Hydrogeologist
    Gregory made our 
     hydrogeological study  possible despite experiencing harsh conditions onsite.  He is now based in Vancouver. 

    Christian Chauvel, Frederic Vissault, Armelle Raoul and Andrejs Pidjass, Photographers
    These are talented photographers who brave difficult terrain to capture WTA's work on the ground.
    Visit Chrisghis, Nomad Photography, Armelou29 and Nejron on Flickr to have a look at their work.