• Staff

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    Kovin Khamphouvang, Director – Civil Engineer
    Kovin has 22 years of experience as a civil engineer, having professional background in state-owned and private sector design and construction companies in the Lao PDR and in Vietnam.  His technical skills covers all aspects of civil engineering, from design to project management, with a particular focus on reinforced and pre-stressed concrete constructions.
    Alexandre Bui, Deputy Director – Water and Environment Engineer
    Alexandre has been working since 1995 for consulting firms, NGOs, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in a variety of different contexts and countries. Alex has focused in particular on the Lao PDR since 2003.  His experience covers all aspects of water and sanitation projects.
    Pierre-Henri Dodane, Technical Advisor – Sanitation Specialist
    Pierre-Henri Dodane has worked since 1998 as an engineer, researcher and expert in the field of sanitation, in France and a number of developing countries. He is currently a technical advisor at WTA for urban and rural sanitation projects dedicated to low and middle income countries. His background covers the newest and most innovative approaches in planning financial and technical aspects, as well as project management and field assessments. He is also involved in training and capitalization on knowledge transfer.
    Denis Domagala, Water and Environment Engineer
    Denis has been working in the field of water and environmental engineering since 1996. His background is primarily focused on private sector consulting.  Denis has also been heavily invloved in humanitarian relief contexts, and has ample experience in site construction and management.
    Oudomsouk Phommachak, Civil Engineer
    Oudomsouk is a civil engineer specialized in road and bridge works. Since 2004, he has exclusively worked  on water and sanitation projects all over the Lao PDR.  His technical skills cover all aspects of work site control, including topography and structural design and calculations.
    Sonemany Xayyalard, Technician
    Sonemany has been working for public institutions and NGOs as a field coordinator as well as  a construction site supervisor.  Over the years, he has demonstrated excellent capabilities in terms of work site supervision and assistance to project management.
    Manivanh Chanthalangsy, Program Coordinator
    Manivanh has over 10 years experience in the fields of logistics and public administration.  She has vast experience working for international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. Manivanh handles all support to the team in terms of logistics, administration and coordination, at national and international levels.
    Sisouphanh Somsanit, Logistics Officer
    Sisouphanh Somsanith has over 10 years experience in the fields of logistics and administration with experience working for international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. He is WTA lead support for logistics and administration.